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Indian Trail, NC  28079

(704) 516-0404 | jenny@twilitecs.com | www.twilitecs.com


What are some exciting things happening in your business right now?


All kinds of fun things!  At least, fun to me!


I’ve revamped my services to encompass almost all the “Internet Pieces” my clients touch; their website, SEO, social media, email communications, online directories, etc.  This way I can make their entire Internet Presence look and feel like a cohesive entity, representative of the “brand” they want to portray. 


I’ve also found some solutions for my smaller trade associations and societies; membership software and ecommerce pieces to add to their websites.  The goal was to give them much more functionality in dealing with their members without overrunning their budgets with costly programming.


And, finally, I’ve been doing a lot of speaking gigs lately. Which has really been fun!  The last few months, the hot topics have been Social Media, Networking (the fun way) and Identity Theft.


What have you done this summer for fun?


Fun?  No idea!  I barely remember the summer at all…haha  Honestly, this has been a super busy – though productive – year revamping of my business models and getting all of that back on track. 


Small “fun” moments usually involve playing with my cats, spur of the moment lunches or long weekends with “the girls”, and of course, aggravating Chamber Staff!


If you met a new Chamber member and they were interested in becoming an Ambassador, what is the one thing that you could share with them about your experience?


I’ve been a chamber member and an ambassador for several years.  And although we are all technically salespeople – I truly don’t like to ‘sell’ what I do.  As an ambassador, I have the opportunity to meet new members and learn about their businesses without the “sales call”.  We both have time to get to know each other and learn how we can help each other first! 



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